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With over 40 years of success both at home and abroad, Amper Elektrik Insaat ve Sanayi A.S. has undertaken the supply works of many local and foreign projects as one of Turkey’s modern, established and innovative companies. The company started its operations in 1972, and maintains its presence and position in the industry with the very same principle of awareness with which it set out. Our manufacturing portfolio contains Lightning Protection, Grounding Systems, Exothermic Welding Systems, Aircraft Warning Lights and 150 different parts. Amper is among the most active and popular companies operating in its own field with the brands it distributes, and associations and organizations of which it is a member.
ETK Kablo is a member of ETK Group which is dealing with cable manufacturing, telecommunication infrastructure, sewerage infrastructure, hydraulic infrastructure, natural gas infrastructure, highway construction and real estate construction. ETK Kablo, which’s main principle is quality, is founded in 1979 in Istanbul, Turkey to manufacture telephone cables. ETK Kablo became a global leading manufacturer and exporter of low current and fiber optic cables within years, correctly applied the reshaped needs with its completely computer aided machinery, expert and experienced personnel abiding to the international standards and norms.
ALYAGROUP (ISTANBUL/TURKEY) in its capacity as a project facilitator is able to bring together electrical, mechanical and instrumentation products and systems manufacturers active in the world today and supply them to you in one complete package. We also are distributor of cutting edge technological products, governed by availability of specific product lines. We can supply Anything, Any Where, Any Time in our area of expertise. We provide electrical, mechanical and instrumental products and related services to meet all of your needs for high voltage, low voltage, motor control centers, power factor correction systems, instrumentation systems, automation & control systems and all other electrical & mechanical complementary product, equipment and systems. ALYAGROUP brings together the people needed to assure that your project runs smoothly from start to finish. We look at your requirement for equipment and decide whom the most appropriate suppliers for that type of equipment would be. We then work with them to assure that they can meet all of your specific criteria. The use of vendors around the world allows us the ability to supply equipment to many different standards. We assure timely shipments, compliance to specifications and offer logistical simplification through a single source of supply. Taking things into account such as your climate, security, the availability of spare parts (other than those initially supplied), and the proximity of qualified technicians to repair equipment. We are able to customize equipment to your specific needs. We also assure that all equipment is packaged appropriately for the method of transportation being used. Working with a number of freight forwarders allows us to guarantee the prompt arrival of your equipment. Our knowledge and familiarity with manufacturers throughout the world, allows us to provide efficiencies that will ultimately save you both time and money. We are able to customize our service to your requirement. We can provide engineering, project management, procurement, estimating, accounting and construction services depending on the needs of your specific project. ALYAGROUP provides products and service, and is completely committed to providing the top level products and the most accurate, cost conscious, effective, and timely service in the international marketplace today. ALYAGROUP is able to bring together the world leaders manufacturing electrical equipment in both IEC and ANSI standards. We are also able to supply all of the peripheral equipment that would be required in order to install and maintain this equipment and supply a full line of engineered products built to suit your specific application.
Since the foundation of EMTA Elektrik Makine Ticaret A.S. in 1974, EMTA has kept its development process, considering his responsibilities and missions about being one of the esteemed and respectful companies in the energy generation, distribution and transmission sector. As of this day, our activities are carried out by EMTA Manufacturing, Contracting and Trading Subsidiaries, which were founded by taking into consideration of sector needs and which are expert on their business fields, aiming to provide our esteemed customer the highest quality services. EMTA CABLE & CONDUCTOR having a factory in Kadirli Industrial Zone in the Kadirli / Osmaniye / Turkey with 60.000 metric ton production capacity is one of the major aluminum conductor and cable production units in the Europe and Middle East. EMTA ENERGY provides end to end turnkey solutions for electrical balance of plant (e-BOP) and mechanical balance of plants (m-BOP) packages of medium and large size power generation plants. The Company, which is the leader company in Turkish T&D Market as the preferred and prequalified supplier of governmental and major private sector investors in Turkey, has also completed EPC Projects in Algeria, Canada, Iraq, Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan. Company aims to keep its leader position in Turkish Market and enlarge its business portfolio in the focused foreign markets. EMTA TRADING Companies which are material dealer and trading companies for local and global markets, are responsible from sales and marketing operations of the products under production of their sister companies and solution partners. Differently from their competitors, the companies provide an engineering-support in order to simplify our customer's technical teams' work. Over the last 10 years, EMTA has transformed itself from a company focused on the domestic market to a company that serves the needs of customers in many countries in 5 continents. In addition to Turkish market, the markets that the company focused on are Middle East, North Africa, North America and CIS countries' energy transmission and distribution markets. EMTA has established his own overseas companies or branch offices in Erbil/Iraq, Tripoli/Libya and Vancouver/ Canada in order to increase the number of its own direct contacts in the focused markets. In order to get the benefit that institutionalization brought in competitive conditions of the present day, to constitute a management system in which institutionalization is efficient in all organizational levels and to reflect the importance of environmental and work security risks to the business with the works we have completed in our sector our group has commenced institutionalization studies
Our company having activity in Turkish Cable Market as TUREN KABLO since 1999, has started production of a wide range of products like Istallation Cables, Power Cabes, Control Cables, Flat Lift Cables, Cables for Submersible Pumps, Crane Cables by establishing Turkab Kablo Ind. Trade Ltd. Company in the begining of 2009 in Tuzla-Istanbul. Turkab Kablo, producing cables according to national and international standards has achieved to obtain Tuv-EN ISO 9001:2008 Quality system certificate synchronous to establishment of the company and additional to the product Certificates of TSE (Turksih Standards Institution). Quality control activities are being meticulously performed in our high technology plant laboratory. With a team consists of experienced members of the sector,continuous investments to technology and human resources, Turkab Kablo is aiming to take place in the well known and prefered brand names of the national and international markets...
The total magnitude and variety of cables used today require a cable manufacturer with vision and extensive production and service capability. Kasab Kablo is one of the major manufacturer in cable industry of Turkey. Kasab Kablo works on harmonized based electrical cables such as H05VV-F, H05V-K, H07V-K, H07V-U, H07V-R, NYY and NYM. Kasab Kablo offers a highly attractive alternative to your current cable supplier, combining quality, service, capacity and independence. The overriding concern is to produce a better product at lower cost. Our workforce, highly trained and motivated, produces cable within the arranged deadlines, guaranteeing top quality at all times. Quality is one of the basic pillars of our Company’s philosophy. Our production plants are all ISO 9001:2000 certified, to guarantee optimal quality for our products. At the same time, our cables are certified by international standard, HAR, Everything is designed to achieve our main objective: to supply a top-quality product and provide the best after-sales support on the market. Our laboratories are equipped to perform the most rigorous of testing, in accordance with international norms.
Kablosan Kablo established in 2008 in Istanbul. Without compromising on quality, aimed at improvement, customer-focused approach highly competitive, environmentally, sensitive and one of the leading cable manufacturers in their field ( industry ). Our manufactoring facility has an area of 4000 M² on the basis of national and international standart. Carried out with modern equipment. Kablosan Kablo adopts the idea of quality customer-oriented. All the moves in upper and lower cadres ( workers) to work in a team. Which exports %68 of production is part of the Kablosan Kablo has made self in international markets. Kablosan Kablo in a wide range of products, coaxial cables, data communication cables, power cables, communication cables, fire cables, and all types of special cables produces its own structure. Every aspect of production our products examined with great care and the required tests are performed and presented to our esteemed customers.
Which is one of the biggest manufacturer company in Stainless Steel Cook&Kitchenwares was established in 1970. It became a trade mark supplying quality and faith in all types of stainless steel cook&kitchenwares since established untill today and serving up for customers in Turkey. The main principle of MIMAR SINAN Cook&kitchenwares Manufacturer&Exporter Company is service for customers and so has been serving continual with faith for customers in Turkey and in other countries exported. Our company MIMAR SINAN has been producing with 10.000 sqm (m2) production area, skilled employees and Professionalstaff. It produce the products from 18/10 Cr. Ni Stainless Steel (304 quality) with triple bottom.It can produce like stainless steel Casserolle, Frying Pans, Pots, Milk Pots, Coffee pots, Pressure cookers, Serving Tray, Dowry sets, Omelets pans, Steam cooking st(cous cous)Tea pots and cookware sets. All products group have got Ergonomic and non stick, non burns Handles with external Surfaces best and clear polished and so have got tempered glass lid in high Degree, Unbreakable, high cambered as well as classic, bely shape and pyramide model steel lids. Dating back to late 1800s, Amboss is a brand born in Austria.Ever remembered with its designs and high quality around the world and in Turkey, ''Amboss'' has become our proudly brand name after “anvil” on which metal works are hammered and formed.